SIGBED Research and Career Awards

SIGBED Technical Achievement Award (2022)

Call for Nominations

ACM SIGBED established the Technical Achievement Award in 2022 to recognize significant and sustained contributions to research and/or system implementations relevant to SIGBED, such as those over embedded, real-time, and cyber-physical systems. The award is based on the impacts of the research and/or system implementations made by the awardee throughout the lifetime. It consists of a plaque and a citation.


The nominee should be a SIGBED member and have a research focus on topics of relevance to SIGBED. See the SIGBED webpage for SIGBED sponsored conferences to determine relevance and instructions regarding how to join SIGBED.

Nomination Process

The nomination package should consist of a nomination letter from a senior researcher in the field summarizing the nominee’s research contributions and explaining their impacts and relevance to SIGBED. The letter should also compare the nominee’s research impacts and make a convincing case for a technical achievement award.

In addition, the following should be included in the package. A document, listing in a tabular form, the following information about the nominee:

  • Name
  • Current affiliation and position/rank
  • Research area (max 12 words)
  • Top journal papers and top conference papers (max 5 each) and patents (max 5), if any, published by the nominee, along with their contribution descriptions
  • Three most significant contributions, along with a short (max 100 words) description of each of them
  • List of major awards/honors
  • A Citation (max 25 words)
  • A CV of the nominee, containing a full publication list

All of these three documents (nomination letter, summary, and CV) should be sent as a single PDF file by email to the chair of the award committee (Prof. Tei-Wei Kuo). The subject of the email should be “Nomination for ACM SIGBED Technical Achievement Award 2022”. The email should be sent by the nominator to the Chair of the Award Selection Committee with a cc-copy to the SIGBED Chair. Please contact the chair for any questions.

Award Selection Committee

  • Tei-Wei Kuo (Chair), City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, & National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Samarjit Chakraborty, University of  North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
  • Nikil Dutt,  University of California, Irvine, USA
  • Joerg Henkel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
  • Xue Liu, McGill University, Canada
  • Lothar Thiele,  ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Nomination Deadline

In order to ensure full consideration, please send your nomination to the Chair of the Award Selection Committee by:

March 15, 2022.

But nominations might be accepted until a final decision is made.

Award Details

The chosen nominee will be notified before ESWEEK 2022, and the award will be presented by ACM SIGBED Chair at 2022 ESWEEK. The award consists of a plaque engraved with the nominee’s name and a citation.