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Safety-Critical Neural Networks

As an undergraduate, I wanted to learn to play Go. In my AI class, we learned that although we have pretty good algorithms for games like checkers and chess, even an intermediate Go player can outperform the best computer program in existence. This was a good opportunity, I thought, to show I could beat a [...]

Remembering Sang Lyul Min

Sang Lyul Min, a Professor of CSE at Seoul National University (SNU), passed away on February 24th after bravely fighting pancreatic cancer for over two years. He served on many program committees including RTSS, RTAS, and ECRTS. He also has chaired or organized many conferences and workshops. For example, he co-organized the first RTCSA in 1994 at Seoul National University and ESWEEK 2006 in Seoul. He was a program co-chair of EMSOFT 2016 and LCTES 2000. Also, he was a general co-chair of ISCA 2016 held in Seoul, South Korea, and subsequently served on the steering committee of ISCA. With deep sadness, I am writing this post to remember his life and legacy […]

The Paradox of Information Access

A significant contribution of the embedded systems research community to a broad spectrum of modern-day applications has been the attainment of dependability of various technological artifacts in the face of increasing unknowns. The term “dependability” here is used broadly to mean assurances on freedom from unwanted behavior. For instance, research on temporal guarantees offered solutions for satisfaction of time constraints of increasing complexity in the presence of different sources of uncertainty […]

The International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems 2020

  On January 1st, an artificial intelligence system was capable of detecting breast cancer better than human experts. February and March both witnessed discoveries about life in the universe: in fact the organic molecules detected by the Curiosity rover are consistent with the hypothesis of early life on Mars and primitive microorganisms may have existed [...]

The Coevolution of Humans and Machines

I am an engineer. I design things that never before existed. For me, these “things” are mostly software, although I have in the past also designed some hardware. For most of my 40 years doing this, I harbored a creationist illusion that these “things” were my own personal progeny…

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As computing becomes cheaper, faster, smaller, and interconnected, increasingly many aspects of our modern society—in transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, etc—are dependent on a wide variety of embedded systems. This raises a lot of challenging and exciting research questions…

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Safety-Critical Neural Networks

Remembering Sang Lyul Min

The Paradox of Information Access