Author Guidelines and Policies

If you want to contribute to SIGBED Blog, please contact us (email: with a brief description of the topic that you would like to write about.

SIGBED is concerned with embedded systems. Ideally, a blog post should be related to embedded systems or topics relevant to the embedded systems community, and this connection should be clear.

Example topics

  • Opinion: Discussion of thought provoking ideas, visions, or controversial issues of interest to the embedded systems community.
  • Conference/workshop report: Technical conference or workshop reports, community events on topics of general interest to the embedded systems audience
  • Technical article: Summaries of interesting work (research, tools, benchmarks, etc), written for the general embedded systems audience.
  • Others: If you have other potential topics to write, feel free to contact us.


  • Blog posts should be short (300-1500 words) and to the point on a specific topic.
  • Posts are meant to be informal, not like a conference or journal paper.
  • Embed links to papers if you cite something, not as citations/bibliography as in papers.
  • Posts are meant to cover the topic broadly, so please refrain from many self-citations.
  • The title should be concise and descriptive of the post.
  • Use (sub) headings as needed to make the content easy to read.
  • Figures and videos are encouraged if available and appropriate.
  • Permission must be obtained for any content that does not belong to the author.
  • Links to externally published items are encouraged.


  • The editor determines which proposed posts are published.
  • The editor may consult with the SIGBED Executive Committee when evaluating if a proposed post should be published.
  • Authors retain copyright to their content.
  • Comments may be removed or disabled at the discretion of the editor at any time.
  • Posts with inappropriate or offensive content as deemed by the editor will not be accepted.

Logistics and blog post process

  • We will provide an account with which you can compose a draft for the blog.
  • The editors will review your post and may ask editorial changes and other suggestions if needed.


Our guidelines and policies are inspired by ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture Today blog.

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