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About two years ago, as new members of the SIGBED executive committee (EC), we decided to replace the SIGBED review with a blog that could serve as an informal medium for the SIGBED community. After receiving input from the SIGBED EC members and months of preparation, we finally launched the blog in April 2020. So far, the blog has published more than 20 articles.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the contributors. Without them this blog would not have been possible. We also want to thank the SIGBED Chair Jim Anderson and the SIGBED EC members for their encouragement that allowed us to start this endeavor. Finally, we want to thank all the people who read this blog and spread the word about it. Our intention was to create a space for sharing news and ideas about embedded systems, and we hope that this blog has proved its relevance.

Now that a new SIGBED executive committee is being formed, we feel that it’s time to pass the baton to the next generation. So, let us introduce the blog’s new editors, Stanley Bak and Chuchu Fan, who will succeed us as co-editors of the SIGBED blog. With your help as readers and contributors, we believe that Stan and Chuchu will bring the blog to the next level.

AuthorsHeechul Yun is Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Kansas, USA. Sophie Quinton is a research scientist at Inria Grenoble, France. Heechul and Sophie served as founding co-editors of the SIGBED blog.

DisclaimerAny views or opinions represented in this blog are personal, belong solely to the blog post authors and do not represent those of ACM SIGBED or its parent organization, ACM.

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